Bringing the light of Christ into communities

With over 45,000 Queenslanders involved regularly in one of our churches or missional or care services, we are proud to be an integral part of the Queensland community.

We operate a range of missional and community care services to assist families, the elderly and people in need through church communities and our care services division, Churches of Christ Care.

Churches of Christ Care

Churches of Christ Care logoEstablished in 1930, Churches of Christ Care is one of the largest, most diverse not-for-profit organisations in Australia, operating more than 150 care services throughout Queensland and Melbourne, Victoria, with the support of approximately 3,000 staff and almost 650 volunteers.

It is active in the areas of early childhood services, child protection, community housing, retirement living, community aged care, residential aged care and dementia care, providing Christ-inspired care and compassion to vulnerable persons at different stages of their life journey.

Churches of Christ Care is built on a foundation of Christian values, commitment to quality care, trust, and respect for clients and the community. Services are offered to all those in need regardless of religious background.

Services are funded by a mix of government subsidies, grants, fundraising activities, and fees and charges for services such as early childhood, retirement living and residential aged care. Community housing projects have been made possible through funding from the federal government’s Nation Building – Economic Stimulus Plan.

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Early Childhood Services

We are one of the leading not-for-profit providers of high quality, approved child care services in Queensland, operating 22 services for children aged 0-16 years. The organisation’s early childhood services were developed with a focus on community needs, and include centre-based care, home-based care and community-based care, all with flexible support options.

Home-based care options include family day care and in-home care. Centre-based care options include approved kindergartens operating in co-located early childhood centres, within school grounds and at stand alone sites; long day care; occasional care; and outside of school hours and vacation care. Other community-based services offered to families include a family support service in Maryborough and a rural mobile children’s service based at St George.

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Child Protection Services

We are one of the largest non-government providers of child protection services in Queensland, providing foster, kinship and respite care, and residential and supported independent care to approximately 2,800 children and young people each year who are under the care of the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services or at risk of being taken into care. A further 750 children and families are supported through its assessment and intervention services.

The organisation is supported by over 920 dedicated and compassionate foster and kinship carers who work closely with staff to provide a vital safety net to children and young people who have often come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect.

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Housing Services

We are is one of the largest not-for-profit providers of community housing in Queensland, managing approximately 1,200 tenancies throughout South East and South West Queensland. With over 30 years experience in property and tenancy management, we provide a range of rental housing options for individuals and families who are earning low incomes, discriminated against in the private housing market, or homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

We offer crisis, transitional and long-term housing for families and individuals of all ages, and support is available to assist tenants with income arrangements, budgeting and referral to specialist services.

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Retirement Living

We are one of the leading not-for-profit providers of retirement living in Queensland, operating 18 retirement villages throughout Queensland (14) and in Melbourne, Victoria (4). Our retirement villages offer a wide range of lifestyle options, all with personally tailored care and support packages available through us or coordinated by the management team.

We promote an independent lifestyle where residents can age-in-place with total freedom, independence, privacy, dignity and security, without the worry of garden and house maintenance. We aim to provide safe, attractive and accessible retirement accommodation that is responsive to the needs of the communities in which it operates.

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Community Care

We are one of the leading, not-for-profit providers of community care in Queensland, operating more than 50 home care programs throughout the state. We provide a range of quality home care and community services designed to assist and enable older people and people with disabilities to remain in their own homes, living the life they choose to live, safely and with dignity for as long as possible.

Services range from comprehensive home care packages delivered under the Consumer Directed Care approach, to low level support programs and healthy ageing programs, and include nursing, personal care, respite, social support services, home maintenance, domestic assistance and transport assistance. A full range of private home care services is also available, as well as carer support programs that provide assistance and respite to those who care for a loved one at home.

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Residential Aged Care

We are one of the leading not-for-profit providers of residential aged care in Queensland, operating 28 residential aged care services throughout Queensland (25) and Melbourne, Victoria (3). Our residential aged care services provide a range of care options including low-care cottage style accommodation, high-care nursing home accommodation, dementia care, palliative care and respite care, all with personalised, individual care.

We are committed to progressing innovative care that supports each elderly person to celebrate their personal life journey, and to providing ongoing education, training and development for all staff to support them in providing optimum resident care.

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Integrated Communities

We are one of the leading and most innovative developers of integrated communities in the state, seamlessly bringing together services to support the continuum of life on one campus. We offer a philosophy of holistic client-focused care and service, and a location where the broader community can benefit from additional services provided. Our campuses are uniquely planned, based on individual and local community needs, with each individual campus designed to foster community spirit and cohesion.

Campuses may consist of a mixture of care and support services depending on the community needs for a specific area. One area may consist of retirement living and aged care services while another may include child care facilities and social housing apartments. All provide a setting where residents can age-in-place by providing access to any service available on the campus regardless of a funding source and an environment where residents and clients feel safe, respected and valued.

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Churches of Christ in Queensland Mission Division

Our Mission Division operates in partnership with, and on behalf of, our churches and care services, to help achieve our mission of bringing the light of Christ into communities.

Staff work with churches and care services to ensure our services are holistic in nature and address the emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of our clients.

Our missional services include children’s, youth, women’s, second half, and prison ministry; community chaplaincy and pastoral care; men’s sheds; mission action partnerships and global mission projects.

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Youth Ministry

We are dedicated to reaching youth for Christ and provide a support service that assists churches to develop programs and activities for the youth in their area.

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Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry team is an integral part of Churches of Christ in Queensland’s mission of ‘bringing the light of Christ into communities’ and equips women to participate fully in this mission.

Our women’s ministry team seeks to meet the true needs of women by equipping and inspiring them to become the women God created them to be – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our women’s ministry team produces a bi-monthly magazine called conXion, which is aimed at connecting all women across Queensland.

For more information and to subscribe to conXion magazine, visit the women’s ministry page here.

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Community Chaplains

We are pioneering the concept of Community Chaplaincy, furthering the provision of chaplaincy beyond the usual confines of schools, the military and hospitals.

The scope of the Community Chaplaincy program extends from very specific parameters, such as community housing complexes, right through to very broad parameters such as entire suburbs and communities – both established or developing.

Community Chaplains seek to build “pastoral friendships”, so that in times of need, those requiring help can feel safe in having important conversations and finding support.

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Global Mission Partners

Global Mission Partners (GMP) is part of Churches of Christ in Australia, connecting churches with each other and our overseas partners in mission.

GMP is involved in cross-cultural mission through:

  • Evangelism
  • Church planting
  • Bible training
  • Discipleship development
  • Literacy and education
  • Community development
  • Building construction
  • Supporting medical work
  • Caring for children in developing countries.

For further information about GMP please visit their website at

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Centenary Development FoundationCentenary Development Foundation

Centenary Development Foundation (CDF) is the treasury and investment arm of Churches of Christ in Queensland. Its primary role is to fund the missional activities of the organisation and provide loans to our churches.

CDF offers individuals, churches and organisations the opportunity to invest funds with it and uses the margin between interest earned on investment and paid to investors, to help grow the ministries of Churches of Christ in Queensland.

The Foundation provides a range of services including home loan and free mortgage brokering through Centenary Home Loans; everyday accounts; flexible investments accounts; and fixed-term investments. Centenary Home Loans can assist every home or investment property buyer by matching their specific requirements with a suitable financing arrangement from over 25 different lenders; with the added benefit of knowing that their home loan is helping fund God’s kingdom at no extra cost to them.

CDF also administers the Churches of Christ Provident Fund, on behalf of Churches of Christ in Australia. This is an Australia-wide, long service leave provision fund for Churches of Christ ministers and employees.

To find out how you can partner with CDF and help Churches of Christ in Queensland continue bringing the light of Christ into communities, please visit our website at

Important information to consider before making any decision is available by clicking here.

Alternatively, download the Centenary Development Foundation brochure by clicking here.

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